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Are Robot Lawn Mowers any good?

Robotic lawn mowers have become increasingly popular in recent years, but do they actually live up to the hype?

The most common type of robotic lawnmower are battery powered and involve setting up a boundary line, such as the Gardena Sileno. The mower is programmed with a boundary wire and pegs that defines the area it can work on. It will then cut the grass in an up and down motion within this boundary, and it will stop when its battery is low. It can then recharge itself by navigating it’s way back to the charging station and return to work when it is ready (fully charged).

On the other side of the coin, according to Garden Professor Alan Titchmarsh, they are ‘a complete waste of time‘ due to the fact that users need to treat them like a pet, making sure they work and recharging them when needed. This can be tiresome for some people, especially since robotic lawn mowers only cut the grass at a height of 10 mm and of course, those of you who are grass enthusiasts will be looking for a more polished cut of 5mm and below.

We of course disagree with Alan due to the amount of positive reviews you see online about these products and think robotic lawn mowers can be great alternative to traditional mowers, saving the user time and money whilst ultimately ensuring a good job at the end (see below).

Do robot lawn mowers do a good job?

While many people may be a little sceptical that they won’t replace traditional lawn mowers, over at MyRobotMower, they feel that they are an excellent alternative for anyone who struggles to use a standard lawnmower. They’re particularly useful for anyone who has a problem with mobility, such as the elderly or disabled.

Robotic Lawn Mower Finished Grass Cut
Here’s a finished lawn with a robotic lawn mower! For the majority of households, the finish cut is perfectly acceptable.

You may also hate cutting the lawn? An automated machine to cut the lawn will only save you time in the long run.

Most robotic lawn mowers will cut the grass effectively at around 10mm cut length, which is typical of most standard lawn mowers. These machines however won’t cut below 5mm and anyone looking for a ‘golfing green’ type finish, you ultimately seek ultra-professional and refined grass cutting products.

However, given the thousands of 4+ star reviews on Amazon from people purchasing and popularity of these products increasing ten-fold over the last 2-3 years, we believe that the technology is only going to get more refined and optimized in years to come.

Do robotic lawn mowers require little maintenance?

An automated mower requires human interaction only when they have finished their job or have run out of battery power.

A few companies offer robotic lawn mowers for sale in the US but mainly the majority of available products and models are available on Amazon. Typically these mowers come with a ‘full set’ of instructions which includes the mower, docking station, boundary wire and boundary pegs to set out before you begin mowing.

The models currently on sale are priced at $700 for an average sized garden of between 800 – 2,500 sq ft.

As you could quite imagine, a robot lawnmower works very differently to traditional (i.e petrol / gas) lawnmowers because it uses rechargeable batteries meaning you aren’t having to travel to the gas station each and every time to refill, simply put the battery on charge and in a few hours time you’ll be good to go again.

It can be used on any surface including grass, gravel or mulch. It also helps to conserve water within the ground because it only cuts when activated by a timer and setting a schedule to cut your grass is a good way to go about it. During the summer months, typically you’ll end up spending more time to cut the grass than the winter months. Therefore, this helps reduce waste and ensures your grass receives just the right amount of moisture it needs for optimum growth.

Battery or cordless lawnmowers are slowly becoming more popular among consumers, because they provide the same features of a standard mower you usually find in homes with the added benefit of being fully automated. The average cost for this type of mower can range from $400 to $2500.

One example, the Gardena Sileno battery powered robotic lawn mower is an eco-friendly machine that will cut your grass and garden to a desired length with minimal effort from the user. It works by following a programmed cutting pattern, which means it can be used on most lawn types and the only time you need to interact with it is when it requires recharging and/or if it’s got stuck on something.

The Gardena Silenioo 350 is one of the most popular robotic mowers on sale in the US, it provides a very efficient yet quiet cut. The only time you will need to interact with this lawnmower is when it needs recharging or if you have any queries about its correct operation. The majority of consumers who have purchased this model from Amazon rated it four stars or above.

Final Thoughts

Do robot lawn mowers do a good job? Yes, the majority of automated mower reviews are positive with an average of most having 4 stars out of 5 and upwards, because it does what you want it to do – cut grass effectively.

The only time you’ll need to interact with these little robotic machines is when its battery needs recharging or it has been caught / stuck on something you have forgot to map out. The ability to set schedules and timings allows you to fully automate your grass cutting ability from 6am – 8pm. Just remember not to set it up to cut in 3am in the morning – your neighbours might not be that impressed!