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Do you hate mowing the lawn?

We all know that feeling – it’s hot, you’re tired, and there are more important things to do in a day than that of attending to your garden. This probably leads you to the question of do you hate mowing the lawn? But what if we told you that there is a way to never have to cut your grass again? You may even feel this is one of those things that is just too good to be true? Well the good news is that it isn’t and many homeowners, gardeners and estate garden managers are using technology to help alleviate the time needed to spent cutting the grass each week. No longer should you even consider buying a ride on lawnmower like this;

Ride on lawn mower
Ride on lawn mowers can cost $$$$’s!

That’s right, robotic lawn mowers are 100% a thing and can take care of this for you! No longer will you have to ask yourself do you hate mowing the lawn, instead keep on reading. Now you don’t need to spend hours in the garden any more working out the most effective cutting routes, or trying to obtain the best lines in your grass compared to your neighbours. You can sit back and relax while an automatic lawn mower tirelessly goes up and down your lawn with technologically precision, meaning that this robotic friend does all the work for you.

Why is mowing the lawn becoming more tiresome?

We have all been there – in the peak of summer, you’re having to spend at least twice a week mowing your front and back lawn, potentially even more depending on the size of your garden. At first, it seems like a nice escape away from the indoor stresses of home and work, but over time, the repetitiveness and same plot of land can make cutting grass exceedingly boring. You end up knowing every annoying and frustrating part of your lawn, that mole hill over in ‘that corner’. You also find emptying the grass cuttings each time is causing your compost bin to swell, reducing the effectiveness of the grass decomposing into healthy and fertile soil and coupled with the fact that many in the US workers are facing less spare time to enjoy leisurely things in life, who would want to be ultimately spending time doing the same repetitive task week in and week out?

The simple answer – very few. So what are the most annoying parts to cutting grass?

What are the annoying parts of cutting grass?

The amount of time it takes is one of the key considerations, of course. However, we believe this is very dependent on a wide variety of factors:

  • What is the size of the lawn?
  • Where do you dispose of your grass cuttings?
  • Is your lawn an odd shape?
  • Have you left the lawn for too many weeks before cutting?

There are potentially lots of questions to ask yourself why you find cutting the grass so annoying. I myself find that my lawn and being it’s odd and irregular shape is probably the most annoying part. The intricate bends, twists, pathways, paving slabs entwined with the odd shrub and tree makes it more of a driveway circuit than that of a straight and simple up and down that I do desire.

Of course, though, I can’t do a huge amount about the shape of the grass – but you may be able to. From creating new, squared off borders to that of reconstructing your garden to feature a smaller, simpler and squarer lawn. There are a few options open to you in order to make cutting grass less annoying.

What can I do to make cutting the grass easy?

Well here’s a top 5 list of things you could do to make grass cutting easier:

  1. Hire a gardener to do this for you.
  2. Purchase an automatic lawn mower and setup a schedule.
  3. Square off your lawn into a simpler / smaller patch of grass.
  4. Slow down the amount of how much your grass grows.
  5. Share the responsibility with your family / kids.

There are lots of options to consider, some being much more costly than others. Our most recommended method is definitely looking into purchasing an automatic lawn mower and setting up a weekly schedule so you can just sit back and watch the hard work happen for you.

Why consider an automatic lawn mower?

If we were to break down the amount of time you spend cutting your grass over a year, this time will soon add up. If you were to average out 1 hour per week (given that during the winter most homeowners need not worry about cutting their grass and doubling that during the summer), on average you spend about 52 hours per year simply cutting the grass. More than 2 days worth of time over the year, spent pushing that mechanical machine up and down.


Looking at it purely from a time basis, a robotic lawnmower at the cost of between $500 – $1000, would save you 2 days per year (on average). Do you believe this is worth it? Well, we certainly do given that each year you use your automatic lawnmower, more and more time you save in the long run.


Do to the use of technology and batteries, there is very little moving parts compared to that of a traditional gas powered motor on push mowers. Just like electric cars which have shown to save on yearly maintenance bills, battery powered lawn mowers have fewer moving parts, resulting in a reduction in the amount of potential items that could go wrong. 


Robotic lawn mowers are easy-to-use, lightweight and quiet, so they won’t disturb anyone around them or make any noise while cutting your grass. They will even avoid obstacles like trees or flowerbeds so they won’t damage anything on their way through your garden. All these features make them ideal for use at home as well as in public spaces such as parks or sports fields where other people might be present too. And with no emissions whatsoever, they’re also good for the environment! What’s not to love about that?

Final Thoughts

The cost of an automatic lawn mower can vary between $400 – $2,000 depending on the size of battery, lawn area, cutting mechanics, technology, boundaries and many more. Is the opportunity cost for you enough to potentially save 2 days per year when a robotic lawn mower can carry out this task for you regularly? Only you will be able to answer this. Just make sure to answer yourself these questions:

  • How much time would you save per week / month if you didn’t have to cut the grass?
  • What would be your cost savings with rechargeable battery powered lawn mowers over traditional gas?
  • Would you enjoy looking at precision cut lines made by your robotic lawn mower?

Given that we are all different and the way we approach things, you may want to consider taking a look at a variety of robotic lawn mowers. Here’s one of our recommendations – the Gardena Sileno a mid-ranged automatic lawn mower servicing lawns up to 2,700 sq feet.