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How much do robot lawnmowers cost?

Well, that depends on a wide range of factors that we look at when it comes to selecting a robot lawnmower. In this decade, robots and automated machines will always be more expensive compared to their manual counterparts.

Take a vacuum cleaner for example – a mid-ranged manual hand-held vacuum cleaner is competitively priced at around $200-$300 whilst an equivalent robot version would be at-least double if not triple that price.

Prices can be wildly different when newer and improved technologies on robot lawn mowers continue to become better and more proficient – for example, added sensors required to detect and avoid obstacles, including people and pets is one area which some earlier base models don’t have.

These new features can add 1/3 to the total price of the original, more baseline models.

What is the cheapest robot lawnmowers available?

It really depends on your budget and the features that you are looking for. There are several brands out there who have products to suit all budgets, sometimes starting from below $300.

For example, the Miio Lawn Mower is priced at just over $300-$350 whilst other well-known brand names cost upwards of three times that amount.

The Miio Lawn Mower includes an inbuilt charging station which takes around 12 hours to charge fully before it can operate again. It also has a motor type of brushless DC technologies which makes less noise compared to other robot mowers in its class when operating at full capacity

Other similar robot mowers in this price range include the Gardena smart lawn mower, and the Eufy (Anker) smart lawn mower. How much does a robot lawn mower cost?

A robot lawn mower typically costs around $400+ – $1,000+ depending on the brand and model. There are some cheaper models available for around $300, but these do not have the same level of intelligence as pricier versions.

The price can change depending on several factors such as: size of the garden, obstacle detection technology and the horsepower of the motor. They also differ in battery type and included accessories, which affect their overall performance

How much do expensive robot lawnmowers cost?

High end or premium robot lawn mowers typically cost around $1,000+ or more. Most homeowners would hugely benefit from robot lawn mowers in this cost region.

For example, robotic lawn mowers in this range can work 3 times faster than their cheaper counterparts. They also provide garden owners with the ability to set timers for when they want their grass to be cut, along with notification systems that alert users when the battery is low or if the robot lawn mower detects an obstacle whilst it’s working

This is especially useful for homeowners who are busy during the weekdays and are looking to have some spare time put back in their pocket.

Robot LawnMowers for Small Gardens

  • Under $600
  • Small Garden = Under 1,000 sq ft

For small gardens (under 1,000 sq ft), there are various good quality robot mowers available within the $400-$500 range. For example, the Gardena Sileno Minimo which is made by Gardena has a cutting width of 12 inches and height adjustments varying from 1 inch to 3.2 inches – making it suitable for smaller lawns.

The Worx WR165 Landroid smart lawn mower is also a good option for smaller spaces, and it’s priced around $100-$200 more than the Gardena Sileno. For example, the Worx WR165 smart lawn mower has a cutting width of 13 inches and height adjustments varying from 1/2 inch to 3 inches -making it suitable for smaller lawns.

Another great option for small spaces is the Gardena 4069 R80Li which has a cutting deck size of 17 inches and height adjustments up to 3.4inches – making it suitable for even the smallest gardens. The Gardena Smart Garden Robot Mower is available on Amazon but is slightly more expensive than the Sileno which is a more budget range machine.

Robot Lawnmowers For Medium Gardens

  • Between $600 – $1000
  • Medium Garden = Over 1,000 sq ft

The Mowro RM18 is a robot lawn mower that costs around $650 depending on the retailer you purchase it from. It has a docking station that it returns to when its battery is low or when it needs to be recharged. Its internal mapping system also allows the device to clean large rooms before finishing up in smaller spaces – perfect for new build homes or rental houses.

Robot Lawnmowers For Large Gardens

  • Over $1,000
  • Large Garden = Over 3,000 sq ft

The Husqavarna Automower 430HX is one of the more expensive robot lawn mowers available in this price range for this size of garden. It costs just over $2,400 and can clean large open spaces before finding its way into smaller confined areas (with obstacles)

Husqvarna Automower in Action

It also has a self-rescue mode which allows it to go out of the way in order to find its way back to the charging station when it is low on battery or needs to be recharged.

Final Thoughts on Cost

It is ultimately down to the user on how much they would be willing to spend on a robot lawn mower, given that prices can vary so much. The features of the newer models do inflate the price, however, for good reason. The additional sensors, rescue mode, scheduling that some earlier models didn’t have help tremendously improve the reliability of these machines.